About Me

Marc Nitzsche looking into the camera

Hello there 👋, I am Marc, a young passionate developer and musician from Berlin. While not tinkering with one of my many side projects, you can find me singing, playing the piano, or learning to play the trumpet. I recently finished studying music and computer science at Berlin University of the Arts and Humboldt University.


Here are a few projects I've worked on the last few years. You can find their source code on my GitHub.

ReviewLayer (2023-)

I was frustrated at my previous job with the process around design feedback on websites that I've built. We would send lots of messages with annotated screenshots back and forth on Slack, which felt super inefficient. ReviewLayer is my answer to the question "Isn't there a better way?"

Mental Garden (2022-)

This is my most recent project – currently, Mental Garden offers free guided monthly reflections and a free Yearly Reflection. My aim is to help people build a regular habit of introspection to live a better, more deliberate life.

Audiate (2022)

An application I wrote for my bachelor thesis to annotate audio files with measures/bars. To reduce the amount of manual work, a lot of effort went into making the UX super smooth. The markers can be exported in various formats like JSON and MEI to be used for synchronizing the audio file with sheet music.

Click The Number (2016, 2022)

A fun reaction game. Click on every number from 1 to 25 in ascending order. A friend of mine completed the game in less than 11 seconds. Are you faster?

Wer Besiegt Paul Live (2014-2020)

Wer Besiegt Paul? is Germany's biggest gameshow made by volunteers. We meet once a year to transform a community hall into a big TV studio with over 800 guests – non profit. In the show, one candidate competes against Paul in 15 games for a jackpot of more than €4000.

With this app I designed and developed, the audience can engage in the show in real-time. They can participate in games and win a prizes if they're correct.

Prakti (2019)

As part of my internship in a public school, I wanted to find out how much time teachers leave their students to answer a question. Prakti solved a very real pain point for me: collecting that data in the class room. I published an analysis of the data I collected over the course of six weeks.

Stellar Wind (2018)

A website that visualizes transaction data from the Stellar Lumen network as small asteroids and interpreting it as music. The higher the transaction value, the higher the pitch of the note.

My Music (2016-now)

Recently, I finished studying music and computer science. During that time, I founded the band Freizeichen. We make "pop music with sharp 11", meaning something between pop, jazz, and funk. I'm one of the singers and playing the piano.

Apart from that, I sometimes publish music on SoundCloud.

Photography (2020-now)

I love being outside and often take my camera with me. While I'm traveling (oftentimes with Rico), I see the world in a much greater resolution than at home, and I like taking pictures with that feeling. This page used to be my old homepage where I shared a small selection of my work.

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