Inner Child

Inner Child

It was raining and rather cold, and the wind blew water right into my face. The street was busy, with cars loudly spraying the wet puddles behind them and people hurrying to get home. Their stressed and eyes were invisible behind layers of scarf and fogged glasses, their clothes were as gray as the sky. Everybody was struggling as the main character of their own film, ignoring others, not being present.

Suddenly, a rainbow appeared.

The sun broke through the clouds and painted pretty colors on the sky canvas of gray. The light was so strong it created two rainbows.

The colors shone on everybody's faces. Smiles appeared everywhere. Fingers of different sizes pointed upwards; the cars slowed down to get a glimpse of its gorgeousness. Strangers talked to each other excitedly and praised this beauty of a rainbow.

I believe that, for a brief moment, everyone's inner child surfaced. The colors removed the need for protective layers of scarf and worries, and we took a deep breath of the world around us; we appreciated the rainbow's magnificence and beamed like the sun behind us.

Children understand that life is full of beauty. But we forget as we grow older, and bury our inner child beneath routine and fear. Surprises, like rainbows on gloomy days, are proof that they are still alive.